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Affordable Web Maintenance Services with No Contracts

One of the main aspects about having a website is the maintenance needed to upkeep the great work created. When your website is kept up to date it gives your website another functionality as a resource for your clients. It gives them a reason to constantly come back to your website for updates and information. Which means…..MORE TRAFFIC!

What’s A Maintenance Block?

One block is a half hour of work (1 block = 30 minutes)

A typical half hour update could contain the following:

  • Keeping your wordpress sites updated

    this is great for keeping your website or membership site from being hacked.

  • Receiving, opening and editing site files

  • Updating and formatting 1-2 pages:

    Including text and photos

  • Checking to make sure that updated content looks great on all web browsers?

    (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

  • Uploading files to your website

  • ...and more!


For longer tasks and updates, that’s where the amount of time blocks you purchase in your website maintenance package comes in. Curious about how your time is being spent on your website? There’s no need as we create your own client dashboard via our own company portal and email updates after every request! You can also check in to see how much time you have from the amount of time block’s you’ve purchased. How’s THAT for a “Dynamik Experience?!”

Time Block Pricing

One block is a half hour of work (1 block = 30 minutes)
Website Maintenance Blocks (6 Block Minimum upon 1st purchase):

1 Block of Support = $75 (30 Minutes)
2 Blocks of Support = $150 (1 hour)
4 Blocks of Support = $300 (2 hours)
6 Blocks of Support = $405 (3 hours for 10% off)
12 Blocks of Support = $720 (6 hours for 15% off)
24 Blocks of Support = $1350 (12 hours for 20% off)
48 Blocks of Support = $2520 (24 hours for 25% off)
96 Blocks of Support = $5,040 (48 Hours for 30% off)

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Keep your clients and customers up to date by maintaining your website “dynamikally” NOW!

….Don’t worry. You can always thank us later 😉

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