Accidental Icon
By: Lyn Slater

Client: Lurissa Ingrid Hair
Industry: Fashion & Lifestyle Blog
Service: Visual Branding Design, Strategy, Training
Project: Email Newsletter Design and WordPress Trainings

By esteemed referral via our GoDaddy Pro network, Lyn Slater was referred to us by the Godaddy team to help make her unique needs, Dynamik. Given our experience with GoDaddy products and services, it was clear that we were perfect for the job. Lyn Slater, Blogger, Fashion Icon, Educator, and Author, started accidental icon because she was having trouble finding a fashion blog or magazine that offered an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic but also spoke to women who live what she calls “interesting but ordinary lives” in cities. Women (like Lyn) who are not famous or celebrities but are smart, creative, fashion forward, fit, thoughtful, engaged, related and most importantly clear and comfortable with who they are.

The problem? An email newsletter experience that equated to the unique and top notch content she consistently shared with her audience. A change was needed. Dynamik Endeavors was the answer.

Email Newsletter Design