DYNAMIK: Visual Branding Made Easy is an online course that will show you the fundamentals of visual branding, in an easy to implement format, so that YOU can create a DYNAMIK presence, accelerated profits and ultimately create DYNAMIK impact in your industry.

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During this Masterclass, you’ll learn:

How your WEBSITE and your VISUAL BRAND is one of THE best way to set your business apart in your industry

How to plan your website for success BEFORE you implement and design ANYTHING!

Exploring the brand element that you need for your captivating website Why NOW, more than ever, is it necessary to have a professional website for your business.

Identifying the KEY areas of your website that ACTUALLY makes you money How it DOESN’T have to cost you your WHOLE LIFE SAVINGS to achieve a captivating website.

How to FINALLY take that “Dynamik” Vision or endeavor and create a website worth having.

Exploring landing pages and how to use them to maximize your website and bottom line

How to use your website via various marketing channels for effectiveness

And SO much more…

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The Dynamik Creators Summit™ is a one of a kind VIRTUAL 5 day event where the best, the brightest, most giving & helping entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial visual branding and marketing space, come together to share their amazing and ACTIONABLE visual branding & marketing tactics, strategies and secrets. At this virtual event, entrepreneurs will learn the best insights for what it takes to Package, Promote & Profit with Visual Branding. The information and ACTIONABLE strategies are even for you if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or the best in your field. Attendees will learn how visual marketing will increase their sales, create the experience that will attract their ideal customers or clients.

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The Dynamik DIY Experience

The Dynamik DIY Experience, is a LIVE 2 Day Workshop, held in New York City or Los Angeles, specifically designed by Dominique Hart to help small business owners FINALLY achieve the visual brand and website that they desire for their company and endeavors.

This experience is a unique, 90-day process (overall), where attendees receive CUSTOM branded elements catered to their specific endeavors. Attendees also receive a web design crafted with them in mind, ready for development during a 2-day experience with Dominique Hart guiding them through the process each day.

Done-for-You and Done-with-You?! Sounds DYNAMIK if you ask us! 😉

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Ready to create your Dynamik Endeavor?