Lurissa Ingrid Hair

Client: Lurissa Ingrid Hair
Industry: Hair Styling and Custom Wig Services
Service: Logo Design & Style Guide
Project: Dynamik Visual Branding, Logo Design

Lurissa Ingrid Hair (LIH) is a very unique client of the Dynamik Endeavors Clientele. Lurissa Ingrid Hair is a custom wig experience and online boutique for individuals looking for a custom wig and style made specifically for the them. It’s purpose is to provide a customized service that the client can’t find in any bulk hair/wig purchase online or in store. In the end, the client receives a look from a stylist that is all their own and not mass produced. To establish this customized brand, professional hair stylist and color expert, Lurissa Lawson, sought out our services to make her new product/service brand, DYNAMIK. That’s where Dominique, our visual brand strategist on this project and Dynamik Endeavors came in…

Primary Logo Design

Color Variations